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Meet the Founder

Aisha Applewhite

I’m Aisha Applewhite and I stand behind AppleCore’s desserts that are: fresh, homemade, delicious, and are made with quality ingredients where you can taste the warmth, love and passion in every bite! ​ I’m an HBCU graduate of Morgan State University, a Certified Public Accountant, ServSafe Certified, a Wife and a Mom.  ​ I’m also a baker. Had you guessed as much? I’m a self-taught/ family taught/ taste buds taught baker, and as a little girl (even now), I wanted to get through my meal so that I can get down to the best part...DESSERT!  In fact, I check out the dessert menu BEFORE I order my meal.  It’s THAT serious for me.  What started out as baking cakes and cookies in my Easy Bake Oven graduated to baking cakes and pies after graduating from college. As an adult, I still have a passion for enjoying dessert, REALLY delicious dessert.  And I still have a deep love of baking delicious desserts and sharing them with others.  In fact, I’m convinced there’s an emotional satisfaction in baking, as well as enjoying desserts.   With the urging and encouragement from loved ones, I decided to pursue my passion and launched AppleCore’s in 2020 to share my love of baking with YOU.

102_7-9-21_Applecore Bakes (headshot - tshirt_edited.jpg

Everyone NEEDS Faith, Hope, Love, and...DESSERT!

-Aisha Applewhite

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