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The Magic of Marble

Marble pound cake originated in 19th century Germany, where natural flavoring such as molasses, spices, raisins, and sometimes coffee were used to achieve a darker coloring for the marble effect. When mixed with a lighter cake batter, the two shades would swirl together and create a lovely blend of the two flavors. Delicately blended by hand, this swirl pattern resembled a true work of original art. Cool, right?

Originally called Marmokuchen in Germany, the marble pound cake was introduced in America after German citizens immigrated to the U.S. before the Civil War. They also introduced a Harlequin pound cake, which features a checkerboard pattern of light and dark cake batter.

Italians also bake this delectable dessert; known as torta due colori, which is commonly served as an indulgent breakfast or baked for special occasions like birthdays. Typically garnished with whipped cream, it can also be served as a delicious snack!

The Italian version of marble pound cake was originally called torta marmorizzata or torte marmorée, and was flavored with juices from spinach, cherries, or plums. These flavors created a brighter, lighter shade which contrasted with the white or yellow cake batter. Often, cinnamon was used to achieve a darker coloring. Chocolate was introduced much later to the recipe, since it was an expensive ingredient and reserved for special occasions.

Today, marble pound cake is enjoyed as a delicious dessert at family gatherings, birthday parties, brunch and holidays. It is perfect for any and every occasion, looks fancy and is a crowd pleaser.

Dessert lovers, rejoice…no need to choose between a chocolate and vanilla flavored cake. Order up an AppleCore’s Marble Pound Cake and you can have the best of both worlds!

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