Almond Pound Cake

Almond Pound Cake

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AppleCore's Almond Pound Cake is a nutty, buttery almond pound cake that is rich and super moist.


Starting with warm toasted almonds and enhanced with warm spices this pound cake has a delicate crumb but is yet perfectly dense.   THIS is a signature AppleCore's pound cake that balances an almond flavor, decadence and the perfect depth of sweetness.


Baked with all-natural and premium ingredients such as toasted sliced almonds, eggs, real butter, sour cream, sugar and warm spices.  


AppleCore's Almond Pound Cake is perfectly paired with a warm Vanilla glaze or Chocolate ganache or served with no topping.  This pound cake can also be enjoyed either toasted or grilled.



  • Sizing


    Regular Bundt Cake:  serves 8-10

    Bundtlettes: These are 4 inch cakes.  Individual cakes serves 1; each order contains a minimum of 6 bundtlettes

    *cake mold design may differ from the photo